Jamie Jupiter is a soulful multi-instrumentalist. He sound combines a rich soothing voice with guitar, harmonica and ethnic instruments to create a deep, diverse easy-listening experience.  There is a quirky edge to his thought-provokingly poetic ballads and bluesy, afro-folk riffs.  Jamie is an accomplished musician, with over 20 years of professional performance behind him. He has no trouble pulling out great versions of familiar jazz/pop standards, folk-blues and legendary country material to keep the crowd on their toes. His career began in the 90’s as the guitarist in a legendary glam- rock art band, The Honeymoon Suites. He has since performed with an array of top class musicians around the world: From a Contemporary Dance show, where he played a range of African Instruments to a Country cabaret and an Afrikaans folk trio.  Awards include: Fleur du Cap award for Best Cabaret “Angels on Horseback,”  and a SAMA nomination this year for Best Contemporary Afrikaans Album, with Luna Page and Nick Turner.