Wide Awake on Jupiter – Jamie Jupiter (copyright)

Fast asleep in dreamland

Falling through the stars

I woke to the sound of laughter

Through my burglar bars

Twelve moons beyond my window pane

Have I died or am I just insane

Have I lost myself and found again

Or am I temporarily re-arranged

Temporarily re-arranged


Or am I wide awake on Jupiter

Fast Asleep on mars

Wide awake on Jupiter

Fast asleep on mars

Wide awake on Jupiter

or just falling

Falling through the stars.

Colours of the Rainbow- Jamie Jupiter (Copyright)

She came to me like the morning star

Far from here but far from far

Since the seed of time and every second more

Through every flower and every open door

Now my heart beats so hard in the dark

Feel like a ball left alone in the park

There’s no spark without Friction to light us a flame

There’s no breat in the Kitchen without crushing grain

Theirs no world between us, without pain

And no colours of the Rainbow,

without Rain. Without rain.

Without Rain. Without Rain.

And when the moon fades into the morning sky,

I wonder why it’s you I’ve been dreaming of all through the night.

And when the Kettle boils for the umpteenth time,

And the milk’s run out

I stare into the blackness of my coffee cup,

And still I know there’s no doubt.